Today we meet for our state report number 7. This is the restoration for a customer of a Goyard steamer trunk dating from the 30s. Come and discover this wonderful piece!


RestorationGoyard Steamer Trunk - State report n ° 7

We restored a 30 year old Goyard steamer trunk for a customer.
Before restoration:
- The trunk is in a bad state. It has labels everywhere that we have removed and kept.
- Some of the leathers on the right side and the front face are deficient or missing.
The canvas is damaged and there are holes.





During the restoration, we have:

- Dismantled the top slats that were destroyed.
- Dismantled the bottom, except the zinc plate that remains below.
- Removed the lock to clean it.
- Brushed and polished brasses
-  Repaired the leatherwith resin. It is then sanded, then the leather flower is recreated with latex.
- Put the wooden slats of replacement once the trunk leathers were cleaned.
First a first layer, then 4 others with different dimensions. We recreate exactly as originally.
- Picked a piece of canvas on a unrestored Goyard trunk and grafted on our current trunk, then hand painted point by point the chevron Goyard.
- Repeat the inner cladding and upholstery.









Check out the complete process as well as the final result in our timelaps video of the restoration of this trunk: