François Goyard learns the trade of packer at Monsieur Morel, box and trunk-maker and packer (note: LV works at Maréchal), situated at Saint-Honoré street 233 in Paris.

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In 1853, François Goyard takes over from Morel who himself had succeeded to the famous Maison Martin, supplier of HRH the Duchess of Berry. Edmond, François’s son, will develop by the end of the 19th century an unalterable waterproof canvas to coat the trunks: the chevron canvas.
The Maison Goyard participates to several World Exhibitions in which it wins numerous awards: Paris, London, Brussels… In the beginning of the 20th century, Goyard joins forces with the great coach-builders, such as J. Rothschild and son, to design trunks that fit perfectly to cars.

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Conan Doyle’s desk trunk by Goyard – Goyard private collection

In 1936, Robert Goyard sets up the Comité Vendôme which includes the prestigious shops of Place Vendôme, but it is especially in 1931 that Robert develops the writing desk trunk that Conan Doyle will immediately order in a custom-made version. Now run by Jean-Michel Signoles, the chevron brand continues to expand and develops worldwide while perpetuating the Maison Goyard’s know-how: trunks for candles, for wines, for jewels, for perfumes, wardrobe trunks, trunk for a polo player’s equipment…

Red Guide collection Goyard trunk


Trunk for Baccarat


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Trunk that belonged to Her Highness
the Countess Suzanna Potocka (1899-1989)



(A descendant of Aleksander Stanisław Potocki’s family) – She was able to flee from Poland and to take refuge in Switzerland during WWII. This good condition trunk epitomizes the baggage of the nobility families of that time. There are yellow and blue “stables” strips, the colors of the family coat of arms.


The SP monogram is preceded by the Countess nine-pointed crown.
You will notice that the stables strips on the below wardrobe trunk are the same ones.

We cannot be sure but it seems that the below trunk is of the same origin (we found these 2 trunks close to the Swiss border).

Wardrobe trunk


The wardrobe trunk is the best known among luxury trunks.
It can accompany a cruise passenger, enable to pack away a complete suit, and it is also the most convenient personal trunk.

Cabin trunk

243.5.jpgThe trunk for travelers in liners
These trunks were placed under the cabin beds during the journey.

Hat trunks

Down : Women's hat trunk
Top : Men hat trunk


Shoes trunk

malle_goyard_toile_a_chevron_185.1.jpg Less common, these trunks enable to pack side by side at least ten pairs of shoes, all of them wedged in trays coated with suede-like fabric.

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Steamer trunk

Goyard steamer trunk


The steamer trunk is a great classic.
With standard dimensions 100x80x80, it is baggage’s basis.

“Disguised” cabin trunk

malle_goyard__repeinte_en_noir_pour_echapper_aux_allemand143.1.jpgDuring WWII, many families, who were fleeing the occupying forces, had their luxury trunk painted in black (or they painted it themselves), in order to hide the signs of a not very discreet luxe in that particular time.
Thus, this Goyard trunk has its chevron canvas but it has been hided under a black paint layer. The lock alone enables the fine connoisseur to distinguish the high quality of that item.

Car external trunk

malle_automobile_goyard.jpgThe below car external trunk was specially created and designed for a specific car model.