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From an IKEA chest of drawers, create a decorative chest of drawers in the style of trunks…


In the below post, discover how to make a nice chest of drawers with the spare parts of our online shop.
The first thing to do is to get a chest of drawer



You can find one at IKEA for 69 euros.
Before assembling, we have cut the upper front part of the drawers so that it is flat (the original part is slanting and prevents to place the corners).
Once those front parts cut, you can put your tools away, you will hardly need them.
1st step: Coat the 3 sides with a basic canvas (to be painted)
2nd step: Coat the wooden parts provided in the Ikea kit
3rd step: paint and varnish the whole coated parts (2 coats of paint + 1 coat of colorless matt varnish)
4th step: assembly of the Ikea piece of furniture
5th step: fixing the jewelry
For the later step, you will need the following spare parts:


- 12 corners for the drawers front part   http://boutique.la-malle-en-coin.com/accueil/index/coins-et-equerres/8-coins-doree-34-mm-28-detail.html

- 8 corners for the chest : http://boutique.la-malle-en-coin.com/accueil/index/coins-et-equerres/8-coins-doree-34-mm-detail.html

- 3 handles http://boutique.la-malle-en-coin.com/accueil/index/poignees/paire-de-poignees-de-malle-luxe-detail.html

- http://boutique.la-malle-en-coin.com/accueil/index/poignees/paire-de-passant-laitonne-detail.html

- Nails  http://boutique.la-malle-en-coin.com/accueil/index/clous-et-rivet/lot-de-100-clous-laitonne-cbl27-8-detail.html

And locks if you wish.

Ici  http://boutique.la-malle-en-coin.com/accueil/index/pieces-pour-valise.html

OU  http://boutique.la-malle-en-coin.com/accueil/index/serrures-anciennes.html




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