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          The wardrobe is often the one that surprises most those who discover the universe of trunks. Imposing in their size and ingenuity, the wardrobe has several standards but can also, once opened, reveal some surprises. Find in this folder the history of Louis Vuitton Wardrobe trunks.


          Today we will tackle a subject as vast as fascinating: The arrival of trunks-mail at Louis Vuitton. What is a mail trunk and what does it look like? We will try to answer these questions in our dedicated file.

          After the Lily Pons trunk, we introduce you the Stokowski office trunk, originally designed for the British conductor Leopold Stokowski.

         The trunk Lily Pons is a shoe secretary named after singer Lily Pons. How inspired this mythical trunk?


          During an era where the paperback books did not exist, transporting one's books as a bibliophile or writer was a complicated step. Gaston-Louis Vuitton, a lover of literature, decided to take charge of this problem in order to allow everyone to carry their books during their trip, or conversely, to bring back rare editions from the other side of the world.




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