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There is several hundreds of different types of trunk
Here we present you standard range, and then, special range of Louis Vuitton's trunks
Important :  ALL presented trunks here have been restored in our workshop.
We only publish our work.

Courrier trunk

Courrier trunk can be in grey canvas, braun or red stripped, yellow or dark damier canvas. 
Monogrammed wooven canvas, stenciled or printed, in natural leather or in Vuittonite colors.

The classical courrier trunk exists from 70  to 110 cm 
Nowadays, in new catalog, Vuitton have them from 90 cm to 110 cm.
It exists for men, High about 50 cm) and for women (high about 65 cm) 
The finishes can be metal borders, lozin or leather

Malle Vuitton damier femerCourrier Louis Vuitton trunk 

malle courrier tisse Courrier trunk with wooven canvas

Malle LV 1930  natural leather

LV courrier trunk in orange Vuittonite


malle LV rayee rougeWooven canvas - courrier trunk


Cabin  Louis Vuitton trunk

The cabin trunk is high about 33cm

Historically, it was under the bed, in the liners cabins,
Originally, cabin trunks are lower then courrier trunks. 

It can be in any lenght and any canvas.

The finishes can be metal borders, lozin or leather

IMG 20120705 161814Louis Vuitton cabin squarres trunk   

IMG 20120705 161814Louis Vuitton cabin squarres trunk 

Louis Vuitton wardrobes

Wardrobes are very different

It can be in 55  cm deepth and in 65 cm.

In height, it can be from 110 cm to 145  cm, for the biggest one.

They have special inside facilities that can be different, depending on each model or customer needs.

The wardrobe is transported horizontally for this model and is used vertically.
IMG 0809Wardrobe trunk 65 cm monogrammed  Wardrobe 145 cm Louis vuitton neuve Ouverte .JPGWardrobe 145 cm Louis vuitton printed monogram 1980
wardrobe Louis vuitton 55 cm Wardrobe Louis Vuitton 55 cm Monogram stenciled  Malle armoire cuir Louis Vuittonleather wardrobe

Hat trunks

You can find hat trunk for women or men and it helps to store hats, from 1 to 12 hats, for the bigger one.

They are either in cubic form of small dimension for men,

65X65X65 format for women,

either in courrier size, with a hat tray.

some example  of  Louis Vuitton hat trunk and  a video  about  hat trunks  history

Malle a chapeau damier Hat men trunk, damier 35 cm    

Malle a chapeau malle Leather Louis Vuitton hat trunk

Malle a chapeau femme Vuitton orangeInside of a woman hat trunk in orange Vuittonitte

Shoes trunk

This type of trunk is made to store several pairs of shoes, spaced and protected from shocks by separators, in suedin, like the inside of the trays.

The Lily Pons model, as the name of the singer woman, has been ordered for the first time by Lily Pons, for 30 pairs of shoes.

malle_a_chassures.jpgMonogrammed LV shoes trunk with trays   MTT2017 10 Lilly pons Vuitton11 Lily Pons, LV Monogrammed stenciled canvas, 30 pairs

Commod trunk

With several drawers arranged, the comod trunk, like on the picture below, is also called trousers-trunk, is easy to get your clothes. 
Several models exist, more or less high...

Commod LV trunk with braun canvas





Shirts LV trunk


 Malle a chemise


Library trunk

this one has small dimensions, because of the weight of the books

It is made in standard in monogram and, on order, in natural leather.

The leather trunk, like on the picture, has been restored for the  musee du bagage

 IMG 0832Monogrammed library LV trunk

IMG 0832Opened library trunk

 malle_bibliotheque2.jpgLeather library trunk

malle_bibliotheque__ouverte.jpgSpecial order for the leather library trunk


Car trunk

There are many of them and also in different forms. It can be in mahogany wood, in black canvas or red one, or also in monogrammed canvas.
It can be concave trunks for car from the 1910's to more contemporary suitcases, including those with a square shape, for the "Croisière jaune" = "Yellow Cruise"

IMG 0758Louis Vuitton Car trunk with its suitcase inside in black canvas

Car trunk for tools

IMG 0758Monogrammmed tooling trunk

Hemingway's trunk

220px ErnestHemingway

Originally made for the wellknow writer Ernest Hemingway, the model has adopted his name.

IMG 51674Hemingway Louis Vuitton secretary trunk, stenciled monogrammed canvas, 60 cm   IMG 51674Hemingway Louis Vuitton secretary trunk, stenciled monogrammed canvas, 60 cm - opened 


Picnic trunk

This picnic trunk is an typical exampel  of special order made at the request of a customer

malle pique nique Louis vuitton  

malle pique nique Louis vuitton



Stokowski trunk

IMG 51574   

IMG 51574

It is in 1929 that Léopold Stokowski asked Georges Vuitton to make a working trunk for his travel, like Conan Doyle,

A trunk only imagined for him and specially made to respond to his habits during travels.

Albert Kahn trunk

Trunk specially made for Albert Kahn, with the 3 white birds on it, the sign of A Kahn. 

Albert Kahn, born Abraham Kahn in Marmoutier in Alsace-France on the 3rd of March and died in  Boulogne-Billancourt on the , was a french banker et philanthropist.  He has collected an important iconographic colection named Archives of the Planet, collection a collection of autochromes (color photographs on glass plates) the largest in the world, and black and white films, fonds preserved at the departmental Albert-Kahn museum.


Wikipedia  https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Kahn_(banquier)

Malle Louis vuitton rouge Albert Kahn    

Malle Louis vuitton rouge Albert Kahn

Encyclopédie Britannica trunk

Longitudinal trunk, destined to rank the complete encyclopedia.

Particular, this trunk has 2 locks, but has no hinge.

5 Mtt2015 37 encyclopedie britanica 3 4

Flower trunk

Created in the 1910s, for their best customers, the  Malle Fleur is a romantic model that finds its roots in the long tradition of Louis Vuitton.

It was offered to pregnant customers.

Malle fleur Louis vuitton Malle fleur Louis Vuitton

Desk trunk

Louis Vuitton desk trunk

One of the rarest pieces of Louis Vuitton.

Here, the plateau is not original. As it was not on the trunk anymore, it has been remade.

Malle louis vuitton secretaire a linge

Laundry secretary trunk

Malle louis vuitton secretaire a linge Malle louis vuitton secretaire a linge2 .JPG

Louis Vuitton - Alligator suitcase

Special order in Alligator, having belonged to a diplomat of the embassy of Iran.

IMG 51694

Leather courrier trunk of Grand Duke Cyrill of Russia

This trunk described in the book: "100 trunks of legend" was ordered, in 2 copies, by the great Duke Cyril Vladimirovich of Russia

It is presented today at the musee du bagage

Malle LV cuir Cyrille de Russie

Leather cuorrier trunk of the Grand Duke Cyrill of Russia 

13 2014 11 13 12.49.13

One page of the book "100 malles de légende"

ZINC trunk - Louis Vuitton

malle louis vuitton Zinc malle Louis Vuitton Zinc   malle LV Zincmalle Louis Vuitton Zinc  
03 2014 11 13 12.44.23A page of the book  "100 malles de légende"

Copper Louis Vuitton trunk

This trunk, very particular, was restored in our workshops and sold at the exhibition LEGENDARY TRUNK and is exhibited all around the world

07 2014 31 Malle ideal ouverte     
Copper Exploration Louis Vuitton trunk

07 2014 31 Malle ideal ouverte

Fishing rod (special manufacturing) Louis Vuitton

This trunk, very particular, was restored in our workshops and sold at the exhibition LEGENDARY TRUNK and is exhibited all around the world

malle canne a peche 2  

malle canne a peche 2


Pharmacy trunk -  1914

Louis Vuitton, a participant in the war effort, produces these little trunks without a cloth.

 IMG 0758Pharmacy trunk Louis Vuitton in 1914  

IMG 0758Opened pharmacy trunk 1914


Bed trunk from Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton bed trunk in trianon gray canvas

We have restored 5 trunks like this in 20 years...

This one is the oldest one in the world, and it is presented in the  musee du bagage

Other similar bedtrunks are in an exhibition LEGENDARY TRUNK 

malle lit LV ouverte

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