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During this restoration, we had to deal with a trunk Louis Vuitton that had the following defects:


          Here are five secrets about Louis Vuitton trunks that will make you appreciate even more their quality!

The trunk below was brought to us by a customer who wanted to save it

The trunk is almost destroyed :

- All slats are stitched

- The metal is totally rusty

- The canvas is decolated, torn, faded

- Part of the bottom slats are destroyed

- The jewelry is oxidized

It's a trunk we would not have restored in our resale business, but it was a pleasure to bring it back to life.

The customer's sympathy made us break the rule that we set ourselves not to restore more than 30%


Louis Vuitton trunk in its original condition State statement N ° 4

State statement before restoration

This monogrammed hat trunk has a stencil monogram, it is lozine
It has the advantage of having its original lock and having a complete canvas

State statement before restoration

This trunk Louis Vuitton has suffered the ravages of time. It could have even ended its days in a garbage dump
This is a pretty serious case. It seemed interesting to us to restore it.
It is a perfect trunk for a decoration. Originally, it was sold in the 3rd series, ie
in "entry-level" of the time. (see Louis Vuitton catalog 1914)




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