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We are very happy to announce that the Louis Vuitton trunk bed has been loaned to the Stedelijkk Museum in Amsterdam.




Description: Striped mail trunk, woven canvas






IMG 9009IMG 9017

 Its materials are:
Poplar shaft, covered with its woven canvas, years 1876-1888
The structure is reinforced with beech slats
The angles are in metal, the jewelry (lock, nails, etc.) is in solid brass.

Condition report: Drips have damaged the canvas and the metal parts
The brasses are dirty
Remains of glue and labels are present on the sides
The canvas is perforated
The interior is very damaged, but the original label is present
Key provided: yes

Stages of its restoration
Inspection of the wooden structure (in poplar) to validate its solidity
Cleaning of jewelery (lock, handles, brackets, nails, etc.)
Cleaning of metal angles and edges
Cleaning beech slats
Several cleanings of the scratched canvas were necessary, with regluing of certain parts
Repair of the canvas on the lid
Re-coating of the canvas
Interior cleaning: barrel and lid
Removal of the original label
Placement of striped paper made to order
Placement of the brace with the original drawing

History of this type of trunk
The story of the model: The steamer trunk
When the bourgeois family went on a trip, they did a Paris-Bordeaux in 18 days, for one trip!
To prepare for this long trip, which lasted months, the house staff prepared the couple's and children's belongings.
On average, a family, composed for example of parents and two children, left with about fifty trunks.
The main trunks that went to the room of Mr or Mrs, were encrypted with the initials of Mr or Mrs.
The following were numbered, to go to the room of the maid, and thus allow the staff to know in which trunk were stored what business.
A small notebook made it possible to list this precious information.
The trunks were prepared by the house staff and taken away by the Courier = name of the "carrier" at the time.
Hence the name of "courier" trunks. Its typical dimensions are approximately a length of 80cm, height 45-50cm and a depth of 45-50cm.

At Louis Vuitton, the steamer trunk is available in plain gray, brown or red striped, yellow or dark checkerboard
Woven, stenciled or printed monogram, in natural leather and in Vuittonite colors
The "Classic" steamer trunk exists from 70 to 110 cm
Nowadays, as new, Vuitton still offers them from 90 cm to 110 cm.
It exists in a male version (height approx. 50 cm) and in a female version (approx. 65 cm) Their finishes vary between steel, lozinated or leather angles;

Louis Vuitton made the beige and brown striped canvas in 1876. It was in 1888 that he went to checkerboard.

The company Louis Vuitton celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of its creator Louis Vuitton

We tell you here the story of this talented man, his career, as well as the testimony of his descendants. He was born on August 4, 1821, 200 years ago (1821-1892) in Anchay (Jura). 



We have been labeled by Fremaa

An association in the service of crafts:

The artistic trades, […] natural persons as well as the corporate directors of legal persons who exercise, on a main or secondary basis, an independent activity of production, creation, transformation or reconstitution, repair and restoration heritage, characterized by the mastery of gestures and techniques for the work of the material and requiring an artistic contribution. ” 




Balenciaga, le volume qui sublime les silhouettes féminines :




“Au Printemps” is a somewhat surprising choice of names for a department store. 

Printemps catalogue p1

Burberry, the iconic tartan house:


On the trunk market, when we talk about all the hardware, that is to say all the metal and / or brass parts that make up a trunk, we call it "the jewelry".

catalogue Au soleil page1


We invite you to review this emblematic CHANEL brand 


Here you can find the details about the HERMES' brand



The hardware in a trunk is called jewelry.
It is all the metal / brass parts that compose it. The hardware represents all the ingenuity of the trunk makers of the time, to create a solid structure.




The hardware in a trunk is called "jewelry". It is all the parts in metal or brass that compose the trunk. The hardware represents all the ingenuity of the trunk makers of the time, to create a solid structure. 




We are happy and proud to announce that, by ministerial decision of 14/01/21, we have just been labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, a mark of the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry, implemented place to distinguish French companies with artisanal and industrial know-how of excellence.
This label brings together manufacturers committed to the high performance of their profession and their product. The companies labeled Living Heritage Company are characterized by:
- The possession of a specific economic heritage, resulting from manufacturing experience
- The implementation of a rare know-how, based on the mastery of traditional techniques

A highly coveted distinction that honors the culmination of unique know-how since 2005.



We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the gold medal of honor of the Chamber of Trades, by a decision of 01/25/22 of the CMA (Chamber of Trades of Alsace), in recognition eminent and exceptional services rendered to craftsmanship.



The cabin trunk and the steamer trunk, what funny names !!! We will explain this story to you, follow us ...

We suggest that you first make a diagram, then we will guide you to validate all the parts.



The Story of a Louis Vuitton trunk that has had a good history...

Here is the detail of the restoration of this Louis Vuitton monogrammed steamer trunk


We filmed the cleaning - maintenance of a luggage of the brand In the United States

Here is a video to choose the way to clean the brass



 Louis Vuitton presented the ideal trunk in 1905, ideal for a men wardrobe!



Restoration of a Louis Vuitton leather strap ?

We are going to show you the restoration of two Louis Vuitton cowhide straps, which must date from the years  1920-1930



Lozin is made from fiber (paper), which is vulcanized (chemical treatment) to become rot-proof.

We use it, a lot, because it is a more resistant material than leather and its appearance looks like it.


Yes, we make also creations !

Here, the manufacture of an original and motivating prototype.

Slats sheathed in leather and lacquered wood, like a piano .. :-)



A foreign merchant brings us a well-damaged trunk.

She stayed in the water of a cellar, we will, in this article, tell you about her rebirth.


IMG 4043


If the restoration of exceptional pieces is our daily life, there is an exercise that we particularly appreciate:

Build-on-demand trunk manufacture.

In this article, we present an example where we create a prototype with 2 new techniques:

The jewelry is in solid brass

When you bought a car in the 1900s, the car did not necessarily have a trunk.

After recovering your car, you went to the trunkmaker, to order a trunk that was used for storage, in the back of the car or on the roof.

In some cases, we also placed a tool storage trunk (crank ...) on the side of the driver ...

This car trunk married the shapes of the body, that's how we find today with cut sides, which is all the charm and originality of these vintage trunks.


The trunk of the representative is called a marmot in French
. "Marmotte "is a term that covers all the luggage of professionals for the transport of samples, a salesman travel case.

And here is his story:

To attract the curious, the Savoyard street vendors were accompanied by a tame marmot they carried in a "marmot box". The Savoyard and his marmot were popular figures of the Parisian street, represented by many engravings.

By extension, from the beginning of the nineteenth century, we called "marmot" all trunks, boxes and suitcases, salesman travel case intended for street vending.
Even today, each traveling salesman has a "marmot", adapted to his samples and custom-designed. There are still companies specializing in the manufacture of these trunks.

From hawker to business traveler ...
From 1870, the economic rationalization, the appearance and the development of the samples, the possibility to manage newly the flows thanks to the railroad transforms the hawker in
" salesman ". Here are some examples of marmots:


All the metal parts (brass, metal ...) of a trunk is called jewelry.

Indeed, with the locks, the clasps, the brackets, the nails, the corners ... there are a certain number of items, very luxurious on the high quality end trunks.

Clasps are also called flags.

The difference between the lock and the clasp: The lock has a key, the clasp consolidates the lock of the barrel without key

The brackets are at the end of slats or around the lid.

On most trunks, there are 8 corners, to protect the barrel of jolts of the trip.

Each nail is riveted or returned in the wood.




Keys... that’s the first thing people lose with trunks! It’s rare to find a trunk with its key.

The time for the return and the storage of the holiday items has arrived, for most of us.

What's more practical than a trunk, to tidy up until the next beach time ...


Find the trunks and their use : https://www.la-malle-en-coin.com/en/the-blog/list-of-articles/2560-decoration-idea-pictures.html



Does it smell like pepper? So, it’s a camphor!
Camphor is an exotic wood, which makes insects flee, by its pepper smell.
The camphor trunk (trunk made of camphor) was therefore very often used in the navy, the captain of the boat put his personal belongings there, and thus avoided to let them be eaten by the small beasts of the bottom of the boat...
Even today, this wood is used for its natural virtues, to scare away moths, for example, in fur hats (Chapka...)

Let yourself be tempted:-)



The page glues the hotel label to the guest trunks to create a communication system with the next hotel page.

Indeed, depending on the position of the label, it means, e.g. at the top left, "low or generous or demanding customer care..."

It was very clever to invent this secret method !

Find the trunks and their history: https://www.la-malle-en-coin.com/en/general-history1/general-history.html




This series of videos describes and shows how we made the striped curved trunk below

All manufacturing is done according to a traditional method.

Wood is a species used in the USA around 1860.

The assembly is made of glued joint wood, as at the time

The tools and methods are similar.


Once is not customary, we make a doll trunk in the workshop.

In video, you will find the details of the manufacturing.

This video is a complement to the series of 3 videos, on the manufacture of large trunks

Doll trunk
Solid oak
Handles cut in the workshop
Brass corners
Unique piece, 100% made in Haguenau in Alsace.



The Vanity makes us travel... whether to take it on vacation as a toilet kit or to serve as a pocket-pocket in the entrance or on the dresser, it is so convenient!



Metal is one of the materials used to protect the angles of the trunks. On this trunk, we find the original material, cleaned and waxed. The steamer trunk is perfect as a console, to place your favourite objects in the entrance, the corridor...

Leather is the most noble material to protect the angles of the trunks. Vegetable leather is used for this. In fact, the cow’s skin is tanned, in a vegetable way, that is with bark and roots. This avoids the toxicity of chromium tanning. This leather is decorated and perforated, for the corners of luxury trunks.


Travellers in 1900 carried their luggage by porters. A Paris-Berlin trip took 20 days, so we left for months ! A family with 2 children left with about 50 trunks. Can you imagine what a work it was to manage the organization to store the clothes and all the business by the house staff...

Find the trunks and their history : https://www.la-malle-en-coin.com/en/general-history1/general-history.html




To decorate the workshops, we started to manufacture a light sign "Vuitton"

Check out the video of his production:

- Solid oak

- Brass

- Electronic light



            The trunks are not only objects of art and decoration; they have become real visual icons and are often used in movies to travel and make us go back in time, but also to inspire the glamorous appearance of a character.

Today we offer you to come inside our workshop and take a look to the different aspiration devices we own.

The doll trunks are trunks that are really apart. They are true objects of miniature art and historical testimonials. Come discover our dedicated video on this subject in this article!


Today we meet for our state report number 7. This is the restoration for a customer of a Goyard steamer trunk dating from the 30s. Come and discover this wonderful piece!

We wanted to show you in video how at home if you have 2 to 3 days of free you

can restore a trunk very simple.

It is flat, has steel angles little fragile. a very good base for a beginner.


          Today, La Malle en Coin offers you a video commented on the change of a leather handle on an American trunk.

Today, we're more than happy to introduce to you an amazing book.
Published in 2010 by Devambez, art publisher, the book Goyard is more of a work of art than a simple book.
First, its shape; printed in limited edition of 233 copies (a nod to the mythical address of Goyard in Paris located at 233 rue St-Honoré),
it is printed on vellum paper.
It has a handmade typographic print. The pages are flying as they were in the printing of the first books and its binding is a Goyard trunk,
numbered and personalized
for each client. Let's fly over the book's contents together.


We had the request of a customer who likes beautiful objects keeping in their original state

This is a Moynat curved trunk, from the beginning of the 20th century.

The trunk seems to tire well, find below, the statement of state before intervention and the result of our work.


Today la malle en coin offers you a tutorial on how to restore your wormwood on your trunk. Watch the video bellow !


A quick presentation of Yukie, our agent in Japan


My name is Yukie HIRAYAMA. I have the chance to open the door of the magical
world of old trunks in my country, Japan.

Here, the trunks are very little known (myself I did not know before) but thanks
to Jean Philippe and Marie, I discovered this superb universe.

I felt in love with the trunks the first time I saw in their workshop all these beautiful trunks,
well cleaned and restored with the passion and the know-how that animates them.

All are differents : size, face, exterior or interior equipment, with scars that give historical value to these trunks older than us.

I hope that more and more trunks will come to Japan to live a new life and fulfill their role of "Dreaming"
all those who rub shoulders with them.

To dream about decoration


Coffee  Table  - Malle table basse

decoration interieur interiors1

We present  you  our  stock of  trunks and  luggage
We open on  appoitement   by   email  : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
By  Phone   :  +33

Listing of Louis Vuitton book

Le voyage : depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'Ã nos jours 1894

First  book of  Louis Vuitton 

Written by    Georges- Louis  Vuitton   Published   in 1894  and re-published in 1898  

Only  in french

IMG 0045

You have a trunk, a suitcase and you want to sell it?

You simply want an estimate for your insurance?

You want to have a family room restored?

You want to put a number on a lot so you can share it fairly?


A visionary woman
Pauline Moynat, a visionary and the only woman trunk-maker in history, founded Moynat in 1849, and soon made the house the most Parisian among the French leather goods and trunk makers of her time.

A legacy of excellence
Pierre-François Martin founded the House of Martin in 1792. It specialized in box-making, trunk-making and packing, at a time when the golden age of the great trunk-makers of the late XIXth century was yet to come.

Please, check our new website and create an account on it. You'll be able to see more trunk prices and subscribe to our monthly newsletters.

Louis Vuitton Malletier was founded by Louis Vuitton (1821-1892) in 1854 on Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris, France. Today, with more than 460 stores in 50 countries worldwide, the company is one of the leading international fashion houses and most valuable luxury brands in the world, with a net worth valued at over 25 billion dollars.

The origins of the French travelling box date back to the late 14th century, with some of the earliest examples containing the most basic equipment for personal grooming.

uv-aprile_0x440.jpgVogue Men Italy
A special collectors issue 

After contacting us by phone, Vogue, in order to take this photo, carried out a true little nice

disembarkation: photographer, assistant, stylist and equipment in plenty!










We begin by drawing with a leather marking pen the shapes of our handles; here, using a natural veg-tanned leather.
The thickness of this leather will enable us, to simplify the operation, to lay only 2 layers of leather, without inner core.
It is thus possible to create handles with 2, 3 layers and insert, according to the desired result, a cardboard band, metal etc.


Read more .... 

1. Louis Vuitton monograms:

On bags, the LV monograms are never cut and ALWAYS centered horizontally and vertically. The other signs (flowers, squares) can be cut, but not the LV monograms.

The LV monograms must be EXACTLY in the same place as those of the bag shown on the official website of Vuitton.

2. Transparent plastic protection:

The shoulder straps of the real Louis Vuitton bags are NEVER protected by a transparent plastic film, unlike the fake ones.

3. The lining:

It is always smoothed and fits tightly the inner surface of the bag, whereas that of false bags is slackened.

4. Identification number:

Identification numbers are always embossed in leather or alcantara fabric.

5. The invoice (if there is)

The authentic invoice is printed on a thick paper with, on one side brown LV monograms LV, and on the other side the heading with the name of Vuitton, the address of the store, the name of the saleswoman etc ...

6. The anti-dust bag (if there is one)

The real anti-dust bags are of a beige or cream color and only have the letters LV or "louis vuitton" on them, nothing else.

7. The box (if there is)

The boxes are always dark brown.

8. Certificate of authenticity

Louis Vuitton NEVER give a card / certificate of authenticity.


A trunk enthusiast from Luxembourg sent us photos of the hereunder trunk:

-  Blistered canvas  
-  Dry leather bindings, burnt or missing
-  The lock is out of order and it is not the original one

Some e-mails later, the customer came to our place with his trunk. It was decided to undertake a complete restoration of the trunk. The customer was giving us carte blanche.

It is the progress of this restoration that I propose you to follow.


There is nothing better than a wax you have created yourself.

First you will be sure to know its composition, and next it enables you to choose its hardness or smoothness according to its use.

It will have a true wax smell.


We often find in an antique trunk the date and the name of the worker, written in pencil on the wood.

But it is very rare that the craftsman has left such a complete message (found under the leather wallet in the lid):

"Made by Garnier J.B. worker at Maison Bolzon, Palais Guiller street 32, Lyon.

I made this trunk on 3 April 1879, he who will repair it and will come and tell me, I will offer him some hooch, so long as he brings the wallet with him".

Therefore I suggest that the Garnier family of Lyon should meet its commitments, 131 years later!

A trunk enthusiast does not always get the opportunity to find an exceptional trunk!

This time, our travels throughout Europe enabled us to find something special: an apothecary trunk.

Not only is the trunk nearly complete (1 Pigeon lamp and 1 or 2 accessories are missing), but it also contains its original inventory, the name of its buyer and its reception date.

Moynat-branded, this trunk is a special order typical of that time (read more) 


Each week, we receive 1 to 5 e-mails asking for a value estimate of a Vuitton trunk.

The following 10 pages file aims at helping you understand the value analysis components for a Vuitton trunk in particular, and, generaly speaking, for any luxury trunk.

Reading this file, as complete as possible but non exhaustive, will enable you to understand the difference between trunk and trunk. Depending on its condition, a Louis Vutton trunk can be worth between 300 euros and xxxx euros.

For non-restored trunks, you can commonly find prices between 1000 and 4500-5000 euros; beyond this is quite uncommon for a simply rectangular trunk.

Reading this file will also enable you not to be surprised by the low value of certain pieces and to understand that a Vuitton label does not necessarily means expensive.

Louis Vuitton, who started in 1853, was, until the 30s, a trunk-maker like the other 150 in Paris.

The aim was to transport objects, not to make a luxury item. Thus, Louis Vuitton, as well as Goyard, Moynat or others like Lavolaille, Walkers, etc., have produced entry-level pieces, with iron bindings, painted coated fabric, and more luxury pieces.

What made luxury were the special orders which raised the range and the image.

For the restoration of these trunks, we use long and expensive processes totally different from an ordinary restoration.

A common restoration easily takes 1 week.

This must be taken into account to understand the value of an object as it is on the one hand, or restored on the other hand.

But what makes the value of a trunk?

The request was about the creation of a shop counter from a wardrobe trunk,

with an imposed height, an imperative black color.

The customer was a skincare products shop.


Malle__Wardrobe__avantTrunk in its original condition:
dirty, dusty, foul-smelling and full of pigeons' droppings





Sometimes we find very strange things in the world of luggage and trunks!

You can see here a funny trunk "barbecue/camping", once it is unfolded as on the photo.

It is equipped with a latticed front face which gives access to drawers for the cutlery.

 Above, these protective panels enable to place a camp stove for cooking with no risk.


A trunk for prints collector.

Moynat brand, dated from February 1920.

It is an original model which is displayed in the Musée du Bagage, next to a very unusual trunk for transporting paintings.

The art publisher Devambez has just delivered the very first copies of his book on Goyard.

With a print run of 233 copies, this book, which comes in a specially designed trunk, is totally printed in the old-fashioned way.

Art book par excellence with a single limited run, printed on watermarked deckled vellum paper that was custom-made by Arches papermaker, the texts are printed with lead letterpress techniques.

The trunks are made to order with the colors, initials and monograms of the customer who orders one.

The project was initiated 3 years ago by Pierre Tzenkoff, a craftwork passionate.


A video in English with very beautiful trunks on display.

Louis Vuitton vintage trunk

Here is an unusual restoration we made for the Musée du Bagage ( www.museedubagage.com ) 

It is a group of Innovation branded trunks that have belonged to the same owner.

There are:

- A hat trunk

- A wardrobe trunk with hangers and suitcase for shoes

-  A cabin trunk with its tray for linen


What could be more genuine than to have, for your classic car, THE TRUNK that fits it?

With a concave or convex shape, at the back of the car, on the roof or on the wings, car trunks accompany travels and passions.

Picnic trunk for 4cv car (on display in Musée du bagage), trunk for suitcases, external trunk or for car trunk.

The English convertibles are also ideal vehicles for a nice luggage on a chrome-plated luggage rack.

If need be, we seek for you and we find or custom-make all these types of trunks.

26 Lincoln_Model L Dietrich + trunk
1929 Bugatti Type46
phaeton and trunk with trays


Layout of the stand for POL ROGER company in VINEXPO 2011 (Arc and Typ agency, Dominique Perrot, Paris)

Trunks and coating by Rêve de Bagages / Printing on fabric.

Gas lamp, bowler hats…
Smells of leather, of wood…

This picture tells us and suggests many things.

We discover the workstations of the workmen of the time (which are very similar to our current workshops).
We can see the awaiting box lids and some finished trunks.
We are in the USA, in the first half of the 20th century.


I'm still dreaming of it!

Since I have seen this toolbox... I keep dreaming of it!

How meticulous! How accurate!


Hartmann trunks

An American giant, sturdy trunks.


A patented innovation at the time (besides, the registration is still available in specialized literature).

This model of trunk is displayed in the Musée du Bagage.

An important innovation at the time, because it enabled to save room in a hotel bedroom, and to prevent wall dammaging behind the trunk.


Voyage in French, if you please!

"Not  Wanted  on voyage"    is the label used by the liner companies to make it know to the travelers that 

such a trunk will go in the luggage hold and not in a cabin. The passenger does not weigh himself down with 

his trunk and will not be able to have access to it during the travel.  .



A luxembourgish amateur, lover of beautiful things, sends us the pictures of the trunk above ...

- Bloated canvas
- Leather corners dry, burned or missing
- Dead lock and not original

After a few exchanges of mails from a distance and an on-site visit of the client with his trunk, the decision was made to make the total restoration of this trunk.

It's the different steps that I want to show you

To show you some examples of restorations for our customers

110 cm Louis Vuitton steamer trunk
On leaving the barn!



Louis Vuitton monogrammed steamer trunk
Starting point: slit, moldy canvas; damaged wood with missing parts




Striped Louis Vuitton trunk


Goyard trunk



Vuitton Bag 1860 Mrs. D. M-V
- Repair of valance and lock (existing but destroyed)
- Mending of the holes in the leather, dying of the leathers



Wardrobe trunk


Mrs. B. wardrobe trunk
Creation of additional drawers on the left
New color fabric coating



Wardrobe trunk for a shop


Before restoration
After restoration


LV canvas before (missing monograms)
LV canvas after (re-stenciled monograms)



Camphor trunk BEFORE restoration

Camphor trunk after restoration, can be seen in the “other trunks” section




90.1__avant.jpg 90.8_apres.jpg
39.14__malle_louis_vuitton_avant_restauration.jpg 39.2_malle_louis_vuitton_apres.jpg
113.1__malle_suisse_avant.jpg 113.2_malle_suisse_apres.jpg
126.1__avant.jpg 126.7_apres.jpg
132.1_avant.jpg 132.3__apres.jpg
136.1_avant.jpg 136.2_apres.jpg
139.1_avant.jpg 139.2__apres.jpg
168.1_avant.jpg 168.3__apres.jpg
malle_lv__avant.jpg malle_lv_apres.jpg

This artist had a trunk made within the context of his presentation of ponies.

Which just shows that, at the time, some circus artists had taste!




Photo credit Fabrice Laffont

For the 25th anniversary of the Ken Club in Paris, the French famed trunk-maker creates a special trunk coated with his legendary chevron red canvas, a real fitness room on castors containing a step aerobics platform, boxing gloves, a computer, speakers, a gym mat, a jump rope, dumbbells, a yoga mat and other weights.

An ultra-luxury trunk which combines the know-how of the one and the other, the supreme quintessence of the immoderate taste of each one for customization…

The pieces of baggage with saurian or reptile skin coating have always been very successful.

They require, for their manufacture, a specific skill, their leather being rather particular.

Crocodile leather vintage baggage is always refined.

Caution: When purchasing a crocodile leather baggage, make sure you will have no border to cross.
Indeed, the Washington convention on the protection of species very precisely regulates things and, nowadays, a crocodile leather bag must have a certificate to attest to the skin’s provenance. Without that certificate, your piece of baggage will be destroyed. It happened to the best ones.




How beautiful the lineage of the camphor tree!

It is a tree from the Lauraceae family, just like the laurels (laurus) that we know in this country.

Dreaming of baggage… wide-awake

Surprisingly, this beautiful picture, which was not taken here, shows a set of baggage available at Reve de Bagage…

LV wardrobe trunk, cabin trunk in orange Vuitonitte, hat trunk, hat box, leather scroll case…



Gucci ordered this wardrobe trunk with a crocodile leather coating.

It is certainly a hard work…

However, in my opinion, we can regret the "cheap" corners that are unsuited to the size of the trunk and the quality of its coating.
A salvage lock totally improbable, given the dimensions of the item.

That is a superb test… but jewelry is an essential part of a beautiful trunk.




A famous postcard… That of the “target man” and his Vuitton trunk…





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