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The cabin trunk and the steamer trunk, what funny names !!! We will explain this story to you, follow us ...


When the rich family went on a trip, they made a Paris-Bordeaux in 18 days, for one trip! To prepare for this long trip, which therefore lasted months, the household staff prepared the couple's and children's affairs.

On average, a family, made up for example of 2 parents and two children, left with around fifty trunks. The main trunks that went into the room of Mr. or Mrs., were encrypted with the initials of Mr. or Mrs. The following were numbered, to go to the maid's room, and thus allow the staff to know in which trunk were stored what business. A small notebook made it possible to list this precious information.

The trunks were prepared by the house staff and taken by the Courier = name of the "transporter" at the time. Hence the name of "courrier" trunks in French.

Then, when the liners arrived, the "cabin" trunks were designed to be placed under the bed of the liner cabin. This made it easier to store and access personal belongings.

Nowadays, the cabin trunk is ideal as a coffee table or end of sofa.



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