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The doll trunks are trunks that are really apart. They are true objects of miniature art and historical testimonials. Come discover our dedicated video on this subject in this article!

The doll trunk has evolved in several ways: First, the first doll trunks were bulging, just like their elders ... And when they became flat, doll trunks became flat too.
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Then, there are two types of doll trunks: Miniatures that can be a perfect reproduction of that of dad or mom and "belonged to the doll" and allowed to store the clothes of his baby, or others, larger, to store one or more dolls.Real Photo Post Card RPPC Of A Vintage

Some pieces resembled, by their quality, to works of workmanship. The doll trunk was an object that cost about thirty francs in the 1900s, a real luxury toy when you know that a teacher earned 25 to 30 francs a month! The very pale biscuit face, dark blue glass eyes and a touch of bright pink on round cheeks, the most beautiful dolls became fashionable, as their wardrobe was refined.IMG 20120118 182510

Some big fashion houses made doll clothes on demand. It is therefore hardly surprising to know that Louis Vuitton himself, at the request of Guerlain for New Year's Eve, created the first Louis Vuitton doll trunk in 1879 ...

You will find here a complete video about it :





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