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1. Louis Vuitton monograms:

On bags, the LV monograms are never cut and ALWAYS centered horizontally and vertically. The other signs (flowers, squares) can be cut, but not the LV monograms.

The LV monograms must be EXACTLY in the same place as those of the bag shown on the official website of Vuitton.

2. Transparent plastic protection:

The shoulder straps of the real Louis Vuitton bags are NEVER protected by a transparent plastic film, unlike the fake ones.

3. The lining:

It is always smoothed and fits tightly the inner surface of the bag, whereas that of false bags is slackened.

4. Identification number:

Identification numbers are always embossed in leather or alcantara fabric.

5. The invoice (if there is)

The authentic invoice is printed on a thick paper with, on one side brown LV monograms LV, and on the other side the heading with the name of Vuitton, the address of the store, the name of the saleswoman etc ...

6. The anti-dust bag (if there is one)

The real anti-dust bags are of a beige or cream color and only have the letters LV or "louis vuitton" on them, nothing else.

7. The box (if there is)

The boxes are always dark brown.

8. Certificate of authenticity

Louis Vuitton NEVER give a card / certificate of authenticity.




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