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Restoration of a Louis Vuitton leather strap ?

We are going to show you the restoration of two Louis Vuitton cowhide straps, which must date from the years  1920-1930



1.- I tighten them and fix them with clamps.

2.- As the straps are very hard (the leather has lost all its flexibility) or very damaged, I will sand them, to remove the main dirt. Then, they are washed with water and special leather soap to wash and remove dirt. The sanding is done with a grain in 100, (or stronger, depending on the nature of the leather and the thickness of the dirt); Cow leather is easy to process.
This strap has a broken tip, so I redo its tip, rounded, then I will re-make holes, once the restoration is finished.
Once the straps are prepared, roughly cleaned, I will wash them, with the label holder, in water in which we put a leather soap, and we start by cleaning, to remove the dirt, the wax residues .
Then, I wring so as not to leave too much water on the leather. Then, let it dry well between its stages.

Then, they are re-sanded, especially the places of hard traces. We twist or bend, to remove the cracked places, by tightening the strap. A tension is needed in the strap, to facilitate the work of sanding-cleaning of the strap.
For the woody people who look at us, it can resemble that of wood. Do not hesitate to use more and more fine grains, without reaching the flesh, but as the flower part. As soon as it's fluffy, it’s going to attack the flesh. So, it would then have to be reconstituted!

3.- We will then reconstitute the grain of the leather with a liquid latex base (or at the most, white glue and water). It will darken the leather, at the beginning, and we do it double-sided, to protect the leather really everywhere.

4.- Once it is dry, about 24 hours later, apply sponge balm. It is spread with a foam brush or rather a sponge moistened with water, to deeply nourish the leather. You can also feed with a MixaBaby cream, which is easier to find. The balm is better for nourishing leather but the MixaBébé is used for baby skin, so it will also go for cow skin.

5.- With a drill, equipped with a wool brush (or nylon brush), 4h or 5h after, with a rotation which goes towards the end of the strap, we will polish. Then, we wrap the strap and we also polish the slices. With a dry cotton cloth, will finalize the buffing.
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