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Nowadays the sleeping beauties are only seldom used for traveling.

The  Louis Vuitton beautiful trunks are rather used for décoration .

Hereunder is a list of ideas that we have found or created with customers:

Pile of suitcases  80, 70 , 60  and 50  cm   in the entry

By forming a kind of perfect totem, it evokes the departure in the Orient-Express. :-)

- 100cm Steamer trunk  or 100cm cabin trunk used as a coffee table in a nice lounge

- Steamer trunk at the bed end to store the blankets for winter

But some customers have other ideas, like these Wardrobe trunks 

used in a bathroom to store/display bathrobes, towels, soap and other bathroom accessories.

Many are those who use small trunks as laundry basket, lingerie trunk or chest for secrets…

Trunks can also be found as valets in bedrooms or as extra seats.

Some use them as stand to put a nice lamp in a corridor, or as bedside table.

Sometimes we create a custom-made plinth to display them, or else, like at that man from Luxembourg’s home, we make a glass cube that totally protects the trunk.
Thus displayed in a case, it becomes a kind of objet d’art within everyone’s sight but out of reach for hands.




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