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Hotel labels are quite a story ...


They kept these hotel labels as a souvenir of their stay. Travel souvenirs and traveling advertisements, these labels are highly sought after by collectors today.

Hotel labels also made it possible to distinguish the different profiles of travelers. To have your suitcases covered with labels was to show that you had traveled the world, bringing back memories of each stopover. Their success is particularly due to the English and Americans who prided themselves on exhibiting their trunks on their return from their travels.

Thanks to these labels, the porters, porters, porters, bellboys, concierges, hotel operators, knew at first glance about the luggage which type of travelers they were dealing with.

According to Gaston Vuitton, in a publication made with the "Friends of the Old Papers", the hotelier's label is affixed by the bellhop on the luggage in order to create a system of communication with the bellhop of the next hotel.


More precisely, depending on the position of the label, it means, for example at the top left "generous customer", at the bottom upside down, it meant "customer new to travel" a whole hidden language. The customer, pleasant or not ... was spotted between bellboys :-)



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