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Here is a video to choose the way to clean the brass



The best product to clean the brass of a luggage 



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All the products that you will be able to find in the different types of shops are very high quality products. However, because of the increasing supply of this type of product on the market, it sometimes becomes difficult to know which product will be the most suitable, the one that will perform best. Yet they all have the same effectiveness.
Among all these products, no matter which one you have chosen (cilica, talcum powder), the important thing is that it contains a little abrasive.
Their use is very simple: just lightly soak a wipe with this product and rub the brass.

Why ban this type of product on brass parts?

All these products on the market are products that are in fact intended to clean brass parts (lamps, plates, sculptures ...). However, since brass is a mixture of Zinc and copper, it is not copper.

What will really allow your brass piece to be cleaned and shiny, it will not be the product itself that you will have bought beforehand.
The important thing is to bring an abrasion, but that it is as light as possible.
For example, if you want to clean a nail that has become dull over time, simply rub it on your jeans. Since jeans are an abrasive fabric, this will give your nail back its shine.

Therefore, the most effective method to clean your brass part is polishing:

With the help of professional polishing tools, you will have a polished material in an efficient and qualitative way. Your part will be clean, shiny and will also keep all its imperfections, the marks of the past.
This will allow the piece to keep its traces of time, its roughness. Your luggage will thus keep its old charm.
The polishing method also allows you to clean your piece directly on your luggage without damaging the other materials that make up your luggage (canvas, lozine, leather ...).

When we renovate and clean parts, it is very important to preserve its entity and not to make it new.
However, when using such types of products, whose chemical components are very present in the interior, they will become fixed in the materials around the metal. The copper will then burn.

Be careful however, the polishing method is a method that should be used for the purpose of polishing a material, but not for cleaning it.








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