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We had the request of a customer who likes beautiful objects keeping in their original state

This is a Moynat curved trunk, from the beginning of the 20th century.

The trunk seems to be tired, find below the statement report before restoration and the result of our work.


- The canvas is floating (unstuck)

- 2  edges from leather angles are totally destroyed

- One corner is missing

- The handles are damaged

- The leather hinge is destroyed

The metal is rusty, the slats below are partially missing

Finally, the interior is almost totally missing.

Customer request: Restore the trunk, retaining the original appearance and color, initials and stable bands.

Do as new the interior, in a neutral way.

Malle Jacquin 10Malle Jacquin 04

 During the restoration

- The brass has been cleaned (without acid product) then polished

- Torn leathers are reconstituted and / or grafted and then fed

- An identical brass corner is canibalized on a trunk of the same period

- Missing nails are completed

- The leather handles are redone

- The leather hinge is remade

- The interior is remade

- All the original markings are kept

IMG 1956IMG 1961

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