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The Story of a Louis Vuitton trunk that has had a good history...

Here is the detail of the restoration of this Louis Vuitton monogrammed steamer trunk



Malle courrier Vuitton 1 serie 1.jpgIMG 5629

It is a steamer trunk, in the 1st series, the top of the Louis Vuitton range, that is to say it has the option, all brass (handles, nails, lock, clasps) and natural cow leather.
It dates from the 1930s

Basically, it is the top of the luxury trunks, in terms of old Louis Vuitton trunks.

As you can see, it took us:
- take back the brasses ... clean them, polish them
- restore leathers ... (treat gaps, holes, burns and other concerns)
- resume areas of missing, erased or floating canvases.
- Deodorize

It took about fifty hours.
All the restoration has been carried out for the sake of conservation.
All our restoration is therefore reversible, so that, in 100 years, the next generation of restaurateurs can intervene, for your great-great-grandchildren ...






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