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Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci, a former leather goods store called “Guccio Gucci” in reference to its creator, the son of an artist-leatherworker, and who then specialized in the equestrian field, inspired by refinement and luxury of this sector.

From 1990, with the arrival of Tom Ford, the brand's identity took a new turn towards more flashy, “bling bling”, sexy and retro fashion, in opposition to the minimalist trend of the time.

In 2004, after the departure of Tom Ford, it is the 3 American designers, Alessandra Facchinetti, John Ray and Frida Giannin, who will take over the management of the brand.

In 2008, a new concept of the brand with an upscale strategy where prices increased was born as well as the creation of its first store in New York.

In 2014, Marco Bizzari took over the management of the brand and, under the influence of Alessandro Michele, the brand emphasized the quirky style.

Gucci is now an Italian house specializing in ready-to-wear and leather goods, eyewear and luxury jewelry. It is owned by Kering and is managed by Alessandro Michel. Second luxury brand after Louis Vuitton in the global ranking of brands by Forbes magazine, it belongs to the big names in fashion and its products are sold all over the world. It is a brand that aims to be sophisticated, glamorous and sensual, like Italian. She keeps pushing the boundaries of a fashion that wants to be engaged but daring.

The bamboo bag: faced with the shortage of leather in the 1930s, and inspired by riding saddles, the brand showed imagination and developed a bag made from bamboo, imported from Japan, and wild boar, which would eventually become the following, an iconic product of the brand and constantly re-interpreted since. If the models differ, the manufacturing methods remain artisanal.
The diamond canvas: Faced with leather shortages, and, following the success of its hemp suitcases, Guccio Gucci was inclined to try new types of fabrics,: the diamond pattern was born.
The web band: Having become an emblematic feature of the house, the three-color band (green, red, green), representing the combination of the colors of the English equestrian tradition, is used on many of the house's products: shoulder straps, belts.
The Jackie bag: Half-moon shaped, with a golden clasp and pastel colors, it has become Jacqueline Kennedy's favorite accessory, it was renamed "Jackie O" in 1963 in her homage.














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