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When you bought a car in the 1900s, the car did not necessarily have a trunk.

After recovering your car, you went to the trunkmaker, to order a trunk that was used for storage, in the back of the car or on the roof.

In some cases, we also placed a tool storage trunk (crank ...) on the side of the driver ...

This car trunk married the shapes of the body, that's how we find today with cut sides, which is all the charm and originality of these vintage trunks.


IMG 0758

Louis Vuitton trunk for cars  (back of the car)
complete with its 2 suitcases


1 R2160 Malle automobile noir face

Car trunk (on the top of the car)
Exactly curved for the car


IMG 1922

To store the tools, the driver could also order a storage trunk adapted to his needs


Nowadays, the trunks really represent the utilitarian aspect of the achievements of the trunkmakers of the time.

On cabriolets, they are perfect for storing your belongings for the weekend.

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