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Our workshops have the advantage of being vast.

They are divided into several parts, including a 50m² room which is the cabinetmaking place.

We have a sliding table saw, a planer-jointer, a miter saw, a band saw, a router (spindle molder), polishing downdraft benches, a column drill, a wood vacuum cleaner and an air compressor.

On the wall are stored the lozines, the wooden slats etc.

We also store, in secondary trays, the basic hand-held electric tools for wood restorations:

- Sanders: belt, finishing, orbital, corner (40 to 800 grit sandpaper)

- Drills: with a stock of multiple types of brushes

But also angle grinder, mini-drill, Flex grinder, reciprocating saw, grinder etc.



In another room of the workshop, 6 strong cabinets are aligned, containing the spare parts used to perform restorations.

True heritage of our workshop, these cabinets are the “right-hand man” of the team as regards restoration.

Without such choice, several thousand pieces, it is difficult to restore perfectly.






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