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 Louis Vuitton presented the ideal trunk in 1905, ideal for a men wardrobe!


With the dimensions of a large steamer trunk, it has the advantage of opening to present all the elements it contains.

Indeed, these two sides to be opened from the middle to the outside offer a global view of its interior. Its chassis allows you to store smaller items in boxes. It exists in leather:


R2616 Louis Vuitton ideal Cuir 4


R2616 Louis Vuitton ideal Cuir 5


R2616 Louis Vuitton ideal Cuir 11

It also exists in monogrammed canvas, of course.

Its advantage is that it offers a large storage space.



R2616 Louis Vuitton ideal Cuir 19


It was sold, to store Mister's clothes, with a precise explanation which indicates the places where each type of garment is positioned:


 malle idéale descriptif du rangement S





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