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We filmed the cleaning - maintenance of a luggage of the brand In the United States


 The leather is a noble material, how to wash it properly ?


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1.- First, before cleaning your entire luggage, try the product on the bottom to check, on a test area, how your leather reacts.
Then start applying the leather soap with a wet sponge.
Always start at the bottom, then the back, and finish on one side. Rinse off.
Then dry with a cotton cloth or paper towel,
Don't forget to clean the brass so that there are no remaining traces of dried water or soap.
Make sure to let it dry well, between 4 and 5 hours.
Do the same process on all other sides.
This step necessarily darkens the material, but after the drying time, the material naturally regains its light color.

2 - For the handle, apply a cream, with a brush, to nourish it in depth.

This step should be repeated several times, in order to make the leather supple again and to preserve it over the long term.
Indeed, it’s very important to nourish the leather regularly, all the more so when it is hard. Otherwise it will break.
Make sure to perform this step on dry and clean leather. You can insist on rubbing areas such as openings, handles and the bottom of the trunk.

3. Once this step has dried, apply a foam lacquer brush (balm) with light tapping. Be very careful not to rub the leather so as not to leave marks.

Once the balm is well applied everywhere, you can, by successive touches, and in small quantities, make light gestures, allowing to spread it and make it regular. Choose the balm color that is closest to your leather.
Carry out this step on 3 sides: the underside, the back and one side. Let it rest for 1h30.
Then carry out this same step on the other sides.
Then let dry until the next day.

4) The next day, polish the leather to sublimate it. To do this, use a wool canvas brush to polish the leather.

The softness of the brush will make the leather satin, shiny.
This step of polishing will prevent dust from becoming embedded in the leather, keep your luggage cleaner and therefore, more resistant in the long term.
You can carry out this step in 1 or 2 times, according to your convenience.












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