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There is nothing better than a wax you have created yourself.

First you will be sure to know its composition, and next it enables you to choose its hardness or smoothness according to its use.

It will have a true wax smell.

1  Find a beekeeper who can sell you some beeswax (preferably grated rather than in bar)


2 Buy some turpentine.

3 Add some carnauba wax to obtain a glossy polish.


This is a recipe for colorless natural wax. Roughly I use 1 liter turpentine for 500g beeswax and 10g carnauba wax.


Be careful: to melt the whole ingredients, use a flameless stove, do not smoke, keep a fire extinguisher within reach and take away children and pets who could disturb you during the operation. Heated turpentine is highly flammable. 




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