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We suggest that you first make a diagram, then we will guide you to validate all the parts.



anatomie d une malle S

 1.- Lock

2.- Hasp or drawbolt

3.- Edge Clamps

4.- Handle

5.- Corner

6.- Slats

7.- Barrel

8.- Lid

9.- Angles

The structure of your trunk is the barrel, it is made of wood (poplar, if you want to respect the tradition of trunk makers - to be cut in DIY stores from plywood in 10mm) on which you will stick a coating such as.

Then you will set up the angles; take about 4*:


This can be painted in your color.


The corners, take 1* :



The lock, take 1* :


or another one, like this one :



and the clasps, take 2* :



Then, you will choose the slats you want to have (width 2.5cm or 3cm and length 75-85-90-100-110cm), in proportion to the size of your trunk, take 4* :


and rectangular slats for the underside of your trunk, made to your sizes (like 110+110+50+50cm), the 4 is = 80 euros


Each end of the slats will be protected by a trunk slat clamps, so can take *8 of :


equerre 28 105


All around the lid, you need *4 of:


and also Lozine to make the connection between the lid and the bottom of the trunk, take 2* of:



For the handles, you can choose between leather handles, take 2 *

It is Handmade handles, not sold to the general public. 90 euros the pair of luxury handles


with the corresponding passers-by, take 4* :



For nails, for all that is corners, slats, squares, the nails in annealed brass (to return the nails in the wood) take 2* :



for the other nails, take about 1* :



For the small nails of the angles, take 12* (1200 nails) :



For attaching lock studs, clasps and handles, you can take 50* :


or by 100 https://boutique.la-malle-en-coin.com/en/home/index/luxury-pieces/100-riveting-washers-detail.html


For the underside of the trunk, we first protect the wood with the canvas then, then we put out of water with cleats, (flat fir wood) which is easily found in DIY stores.

In order to properly assemble the lid to the barrel, choose your hinges from our collection



Finally, complete the underside with rollers:


At the end, you can put 1 brass label holder:


Don't forget the canvas and wood, that are too heavy for exportation.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, by phone +33 3 88 93 28 23 or by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Don't forget to watch our videos on Youtube: la-malle-en-coin where we filmed a large number of steps to help you

Turn nails, cold rivet, place a wedge, install angles ... know-how passed down from former trunk makers

 Here you can find an finished example

















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