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Louis Vuitton trunk in its original state

State before restoration

In the photos below, we will see, from the beginning, that the trunk is in beautiful original condition

  1. The trunk has all of its original jewelery
  2. The leathers are beautiful, except for a tear of 8 cm and a hole of 15mm diameter
  3. The canvas is not damaged, except on a rear area of 4 cm by 8 cm, located at the back, at the bottom of the trunk.
  4. The interior is the only real problem, since the trunk has been fitted with interior slats, not original and its interior repainted


IMG 1133IMG 1133

IMG 1133IMG 1133

Louis Vuitton  trunk after restoration

State report after restoration

  1. The brasses have been cleaned and polished, but not refurbished, so as to retain the patina of an object over 100 years old.
    We take care not to use any acidic chemical agent, in order to avoid degradation of the leather in contact with the brass
  2. The leathers were washed separately, using a greasy solution, avoiding drying and then a professional leather balm was applied before polishing
  3. The holes and slots have been repaired, the repair is done with a resin in accordance with the museum requirements, demanding their reversibility
  4. The interior is new, but in keeping with the origin, it is odorless.



Louis Vuitton damier trunk 11Louis Vuitton damier trunk 2

Louis Vuitton damier trunk 11Louis Vuitton damier trunk 11

Louis Vuitton damier trunk 11




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