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          The wardrobe is often the one that surprises most those who discover the universe of trunks. Imposing in their size and ingenuity, the wardrobe has several standards but can also, once opened, reveal some surprises. Find in this folder the history of Louis Vuitton Wardrobe trunks.

 Chapter 1: From failed beginnings to renewal.

          Wardrobe, the definition by Patrick-Louis Vuitton: series of trunks opening vertically in two parts. This kind of trunk is equipped internally a racks for man or lady and part wardrobe man or lady. These trunks can be full wardrobe or full racks.

Wardrobe 55', for man, stencil monogram with stable band and privacy curtain.

          The first patent of the wardrobe was deposited at Viennes, about 1852. From this idea sprang many models, but the fashion of this time (crinoline, dresses filled or loose, handles with leg etc.) condemned this invention.

Crinoline, 1860

           Around 1875, Louis Vuitton, learns, during a dinner with Charles Frederick Worth, the famous designer, that it is soon the end of puffed dresses. The next day, he makes a trunk to the measure of next dresses, with wardrobe and drawers. The wardrobe takes off again thanks to a radical change in the fashion and the appearance of suits and soft dresses.

charles worth vestido
Charles Frederick Worth, pionnier of fashion.





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