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You will find vulcanized fiber on the bindings of trunks made by Vuitton (lozine), Goyard and Moynat; but also as main coating on the American wardrobe trunks and such called “cardboard suitcases” that are actually fiber suitcases.

Vulcanized fiber is a molded laminated material made from paper with no glue, with a high-tenacity process using generally zinc chloride. The more powerful the high-tenacity process is, the more the stratification disappears enabling to obtain a nearly homogeneous mass of cellulose hydrate.

Vulcanized fiber can be either a homogeneous, hard-wearing and tough material or a near-leather flexible soft material. Vulcanized fiber shows good resistance to oil, gasoline and other organic solvents. Besides being used for sanding disks, fiber is used as a substitute for rubber or leather in the manufacturing of suitcases, gear wheels, brake shoes, seals, saucepan handles…, and it is also used as electrical insulator.




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