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“Haguenau Rêve de voyage,
Luxury baggage from the 18th century to nowadays »
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of trunks and traveling!
From May 23rd till October 25th 2015
Hall du Grand Manège, Haguenau

From May 23rd till October 25th 2015, the exhibition “Haguenau rêve de voyage” at the Hall du Grand Manège (Haguenau town center) invites you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world f trunks and traveling.
Whether one is baroness, adventurer or mere traveler, whether one travels in a stagecoach, by train or by liner, there is always an adapted piece of baggage. On near 1’300 m², the exhibition recounts the story of traveling from the 18th century to nowadays, through the metamorphoses of baggage, of modes of transport and of clothing fashions.
For the occasion, the visitor will discover a totally transformed Hall du Grand Manège. The imposing scenography structured around islets under construction suggests with subtlety the period atmospheres: the age of the stagecoach in the 18th century, the arrival of the train in the 19th century, the long trips in liner in the beginning of the 20th century to end with the escapades in 4CV cars on the Nationale 7. Tours are interactive and playful, enabling a real immersion in the world of traveling. The visitor will have the opportunity to access to a part of a liner cabin or to wait for his train on a reconstructed platform.
Imposing scenery, video projection, son et lumière... The scenography conceived by Atelier Caravane devotes all the necessary means to give life to the collection of trunks on display.
Nearly all the objects on display come from Europe's largest collection of antique baggage, restored by Mr. and Mrs. Rolland, a couple of passionate collectors from Haguenau. Almost 200 trunks and baggage of great diversity, including some items unique worldwide, are presented to the public. Over the centuries, forms have been evolving, uses as well: from Nuremberg chests and itinerant salesmen’s cases to the emergence of the real luxury trunks by Louis Vuitton, Moynat or Goyard, the collection is extremely rich. Louis Vuitton trunk-bed used in colonial expeditions, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's desk trunk, shoe trunk for international opera singer... As many nuggets of ingenuity that will not fail to raise the visitor’s concern

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