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3 Models

Models and dimensions will also affect the value of a trunk.

A rare trunk is more valuable than a common one... A large trunk is generally worth more than a small one (there are exceptions)

The highest valued models are those that can be easily used in decoration.

Common existing models are:

3.1 For trunks

 The cabin trunk (long, rectangular, less than 25cm high)

Cabin trunk with orange Vuittonite and leather bindings
Top-grade damier cabin trunk

- The steamer trunk

Steamer trunk, monogram, leather bindings, brass jewelry

Rectangular, it exists in various dimensions  (for instance : 80 /  110 cm)

- The tall steamer trunk  (not shown)

It is higher by around 20cm than a standard steamer trunk, it is generally equipped with 3 trays.

NOTE: Between a cabin trunk and a steamer trunk, with similar canvas, finish and conditions, the ratio is sometimes doubled.

3.2 For wardrobe trunks

The wardrobe trunk was created later. It is certainly the model that enabled the greatest number of different creations.

Wardrobe trunk, monogram / brass version, higher value
Wardrobe trunk, leather version, lower value

The best known model: with 6 drawers, hangers on the left, suitcase for shoes. Brass jewelry, lozine bindings. 

Hangers on both sides, lower value
Large model, higher value

NOTE : A bad condition will lead to a more important depreciation than for an ordinary trunk. 

Indeed, restoration on wardrobe trunks is very hard and expensive.

3.3 Special trunks (non-categorized)  (not exhaustive)

Here we classify, generally, special orders (custom-made, for a specific use) or a standard model trunk but made to measure and treated in a special way, like for instance, an ordinary steamer trunk which would be covered with crocodile leather or green epi leather.

We will find here "unlisted" items, the value of which will be determined by their rarity.


louis-vuitton-malles-legende-5Trunk-bookcase, with monogram
Louis Vuitton whisky box
Writing desk trunk
Closed desk trunk
Open desk trunk
Complete dressing case
Trunk-bed 1878


The value of a Louis Vuitton trunk depends on its condition and on the possibility to restore it perfectly.

For a Louis Vuitton trunk, restoration costs range from 700 euros, for a thorough cleaning, to more than 3'500 euros for restoring, for instance, a wardrobe trunk the drawers of which need to be remade (between 20 and 80 hours, depending on the condition).

The average margin (between 20% and 30%) of a well-established trunk dealer with a trading license is less than the fees of an auction hall... (it leaves me pensive).

Remember that a badly restored trunk is the worst of all; it will be harder and more expensive to make it good.

Better leave a trunk as is and let the buyer do, rather than depreciate it by trying your hand at restoring.

For a trunk estimate:

1- Always ask for 2 opinions 

2- Do not confuse expertise and estimate; you have to pay for an expertise and it is done by an expert appraiser WITH the object; the expert commits himself on the authenticity, not on the value. 

An estimate does not commit to anything and can be done from a photo. 

3- Take into account the condition of the trunk. The more a trunk is meant for a wealthy clientele, the more it will have to be perfect. 




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