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          The steamer trunk is probably the vintage trunk that our customers ask us the most and that we sell the most. It is a perfect investment for any novice collector or interior decorator; indeed, the steamer trunk will easily become a low-table with the addition of a glass tray, a piece of bed to store your bed linen, at the end of the sofa for your blankets ... Light, available in many finishes and canvases that will easily adapt to the colors of your interior, large without being imposing, the steamer trunk will embellish your home effortlessly.

decoration interieur interiors23A steamer-trunk red checkered, lozine borders and brass jewelry transformed into an elegant coffee table.

decoration interieur interiors39
Lady High Steamer Trunk and an hat trunk that turn into beautiful elements for an outdoor living room.

decoration interieur interiors6
The steamer trunk is also a superb console to deposit elements of decorations!

decoration interieur interiors58
End of bed, end of sofa, the steamer trunk is a true chameleon in your home.


          Please, visit our shop to find the steamer trunk of your dreams or to check on the article about before/after renovation of steamer-trunks. You can also see our video bellow dedicated to steamer trunk :






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