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Voila une des rares malles que  nous ne pourrions pas acquérir :-) 
En effet, cela reste une pièce  difficile à exposer. Historiquement, elle  montre l'absence 
de luxe  de cette époque difficile.
Cette valise de toilette  - Kit de premier secours ressemble, dans ses finitions, à celle que j'ai
trouvé  ayant appartenu à des officiers  américains  ou français de  l'armée de l'air.
La valise a été  certifiée conforme  en 1968  par Anny Winter, la secrétaire
de AH  et  Eva  Braun.
Mise  à prix  5000  euros  ..

Anny Winter/Adolf Hitler - a gentleman`s toiletry set from the 1930s. Brown leather case, mended lid (monogram plaque removed?). The contents are complete and consist of brushes, after shave bottles, or manicure sets, the lid and handles with en suite gold plating and fine honeycomb pattern. One fastening flap torn. Included in a separate compartment are parts of a first aid travel kit with creams and pills, another compartment with two of Hitler`s moustache-trainers (one with a packing reading "The moustache-trainer with the cat") and one shaving towel stamped "The Führer`s Household Berlin". One of the bottles containing dried gentian and edelweiss, enclosed in an envelope a tuft of hair, the envelope inscribed "`Harre` and flowers from Eva"(?!). Not originally belonging to this suitcase is a brown luggage tag with the inserted name card "Adolf Hitler - Chancellor of the German Reich" With Anny Winter`s signed note from 1968 confirming that this "gentleman`s toiletry set" formerly belonged to Adolf Hitler (all quotes transl).




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