Goyard cabin trunk with its key
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Goyard cabin trunk
• with its period lock replaced by a functional lock of the same model
• Its jewelery (lock, clasps, brackets, nails, etc.) in solid brass
• Its edges in lozine (vulcanized paper fiber to become rot-proof) are very resistant
• Interior redone with replacement of the original label

Revêtement extérieur Autre monogramme
Hauteur Hauteur 34CM
Longueur Longueur 110CM
Largeur Largeur du Produit 57CM

This monogrammed Goyard cabin trunk is encrypted Mrs W.A.S. in N.Y.

The stable stripes (red and yellow stripes) represent the colors of the original family, like the family crest at the time.
These colors are used to help the bellboys, at the hotel, to group the trunks of the same family and thus distribute them in the rooms 







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