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You would like a trunk to your colors, coated with a fabric in accordance with your home?
You are looking to have your trunk canvas or leather cleaned?

Choose on the spot or on our website (page “Trunks for sale”/”to be restored”) the trunk that suits you, give us the guiding lines of what you wish, we will then give you the necessary fabric length and will coat the trunk of your choosing to your liking!

You own a trunk which is dear to you, linked to your memories, to your family?
You have no time or no skill to renovate it?
Your trunk has an embedded value, either sentimental or financial, and you do not want to let it get spoilt in a nook. You eye on a beautiful trunk on a flea market but it is totally screwed up…

Customization to your initials


You find a trunk on our website and would like us to restore it. The restoration cost differs to a large extent according to the trunk and the requested works.
A simple trunk will be restored for a budget of around 200 euros; a wardrobe trunk is obviously a lot more complex!

Some reference restoring times:
- Exterior and interior restoration of a classic trunk. Disassembling, washing, brushing, sanding, wood stain, wax and interior coating represent about 20 to 30 working hours depending on the model of the trunk.
- Exterior and interior restoration of a wardrobe or cabin trunk. The interior padding of a wardrobe trunk takes about 10 hours + about 2 hours per drawer.

Rollandjpr (at symbol)  gmail.com

Example :


  Our first public order : 

Thank-you card from the Biscarrosse Museum

The Museum of Seaplanes in Biscarrosse entrusted to us a bentwood banded trunk from the twenties for us to restore it while keeping the original spirit. The trunk will be exhibited by the side of a period hostess dummy!

Should you choose a “wooden” trunk, this color chart can be sent to you high-definition so that you can choose the shade that suits you.


Obviously enough, if the canvas of your trunk is in good condition, keeping it is the best solution as much from an economic or historical point of view as an aesthetic one.




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