Curved cabin trunk, in natural leather and brass
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Curved cabin trunk, in natural leather and brass
• The jewelery (lock, clasps, loops...) is made of massiv brass
• The corners are made of leather
• and the handles are in leather
• The key is present
• The interior is original, the silk ribbons have been redone
• Its patina gives it an authentic appearance that is unique to it

Revêtement extérieur Uni
Hauteur Product Heigth 37CM
Longueur Product Length 96CM
Largeur Product Width 55CM

The curved cabin trunk is all leather

- The curved trunk is specific to the Alsace region, and also to Germany and Eastern Europe.

Bending: the poplar (wood from the barrel of the trunk) is put in an oven, i.e. heat and water vapor

- the cabin trunk is designed to fit under the liner's cabin bed

The height of approximately 35cm makes it possible to place the trunk, with its belongings, under the bed.

Brass and leather form an alliance full of charm from the past 




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