PLM pharmacy kit (Paris Lyon Marseille)
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PLM pharmacy kit (Paris Lyon Marseille)
• Wood and brass
• Interior redone
• Original accessories

Revêtement extérieur bois teinté
Hauteur Product Heigth 22CM
Longueur Product Length 37CM
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PLM pharmacy kit (Paris Lyon Marseille)

Vintage Emergency Box - Witness to the Prestigious PLM Railway


About PLM:

The PLM, acronym for Paris-Lyon-Marseille, was one of the major French railway companies, founded in 1857. This emblematic railway network connected the three main cities of France and played a crucial role in the transport of passengers and goods across the country. Known for its quality service and luxury trains, PLM was synonymous with prestige and efficiency in the railway sector.
Vintage Emergency Box - Witness to Railway History:

Immerse yourself in the captivating history of the PLM railway with this vintage relief set. Used on board PLM trains, this box demonstrates the company's commitment to the safety and well-being of its passengers.
Features of the Emergency Box:

Guaranteed Authenticity: This emergency box is a true period object, having served on PLM trains, which gives it inestimable historical value.
Complete and Ready to Use: Inside you will find a carefully curated selection of vintage medical supplies, ready to be used in an emergency.
PLM label: The box is decorated with the distinctive PLM label, recalling its railway origin and its link with one of the most prestigious railway companies in French history.


Inside :

Scissors, bandages, a syringe in a “sterile” box, pills
Pyrethane anti-neuralgic camuset
Carmelite lemon balm water
Aristol (wounds)
Solutions for nosebleeds
Picric acid
Saturn extract
Vomitic walnut extract etc.





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