Cabin trunk monogrammed with Louis Vuitton stencil - 1914 / 1924
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Cabin trunk monogrammed with Louis Vuitton stencil
• Drawer frame
• Original interior
• Brass and steel jewelery
• Leather handles
• Lozine borders

Revêtement extérieur Monogramme LV
Hauteur Product Heigth 33.0000CM
Longueur Product Length 101.0000CM
Largeur Product Width 53.0000CM

Magnificent monogrammed cabin trunk from the luxury brand Louis Vuitton

The cabin trunk was placed under the bed in the cabin of the liner, hence its standard height of 33 cm.

The coated canvas is monogrammed with a stencil. The Louis Vuitton company started its monogram in woven canvas then in stencil, then printed in serigraphy. This period of stencil canvas marks the meticulous work by hand.

Its interior label allows us to date this trunk to a period of manufacture between 1914 and 1924.

Indeed, the store in Paris, Champs Elysées is already there (1914) but the next one, that of Cannes (1924) is not there yet.






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