Trunk for Restored Doll - Vintage and Authentic Charm
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Trunk for Restored Doll - Vintage and Authentic Charm

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Hauteur Product Heigth 30.0000CM
Longueur Product Length 57.0000CM
Largeur Product Width 29.0000CM

Trunk for Restored Doll - Vintage and Authentic Charm

Immerse yourself in the magical world of play with our Restored Doll Trunk, an exceptional piece that combines vintage charm with the authenticity of a meticulous restoration. Designed to accommodate your little ones' imaginary treasures, this trunk combines elegance and functionality.
Exquisite Features:

Complete Restoration: This doll trunk has benefited from a complete restoration, both inside and out. Every detail has been carefully preserved, revealing a nostalgic brilliance that transcends time.

Original Leather Handle: The original leather handle gives the trunk an authentic feel. It allows for easy handling, inviting little adventurers to transport their play treasure in style.

Original Jewelry: The original solid brass clasp and lock add a touch of sophistication to this doll trunk. Safety and style come together harmoniously, creating an unforgettable gaming experience.

Intact Vintage Charm: Every corner, every metal detail, tells a story. The vintage charm of this trunk evokes a time when imagination reigned supreme, offering your little explorers a unique play experience.
Technical details :

Materials: Wood, leather, solid brass
Restoration: Interior and exterior carefully restored
Handle: Original leather for a comfortable grip
Jewelry: Clasp and lock in solid brass, original and functional

Restored Trunk, Preserved Dreams:

Offer your children a restored doll trunk that goes beyond a simple play accessory. It's a real journey through time, where authenticity meets imagination. Add this unique piece to your children's play collection and create enchanted memories.
Why Choose Our Restored Doll Trunk?

Meticulous restoration for exceptional quality.
Original leather handle for an authentic tactile experience.
Solid brass jewelry to combine safety and elegance.
Perfect dimensions to accommodate your children's most precious treasures.

Larg 57cm

High 30cm

width 29cm




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