Louis vuitton black canvas marmot commod trunk - MTT2018-10
SKU: mtt2018-10

Louis Vuitton black canvas commod marmot trunk
• Chest of drawers
• with its lozine borders
• and its black coated canvas
• This trunk is entirely original, with its 5 lozine box drawers
• This trunk was manufactured in the years 1930-1940
• On the trunk is a 1951 liner label

Hauteur Product Heigth 90CM
Longueur Product Length 74CM
Largeur Product Width 51CM
Revêtement extérieur Uni

Astonishing Louis Vuitton trunk, Marmotte serving as a wardrobe

These trunks were intended for the transatlatic transport of demonstration goods for sales representatives, traders or collectors

One can easily imagine here a shoe seller

Lozin is a material made from fibers (paper) that have been vulcanized, by chemical treatment, to become rot-proof. This gives it excellent impact resistance.





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