Louis Vuitton first serie damier trunk R2574
SKU: R2574

Splendid checkerboard trunk from Louis Vuitton
• The canvas is checkered
• The borders are in leather
• The lock, clasps and handles are made of massiv brass
• The interior has been refurbished

Revêtement extérieur Damier
Hauteur Product Heigth 53.0000CM
Longueur Product Length 76.0000CM
Largeur Product Width 44.0000CM
Revêtement extérieur Damier

Superb Louis Vuitton checkerboard trunk

The history of checkered canvas at Vuitton

The checkered canvas is created in 1888 at Louis Vuitton and will then know the differentiation of brands and more particularly that of Vuitton. Indeed, it was at this time that Vuitton marked these locks, nails, passers-by and its canvas.

In addition, the canvas with checkers (the grains of rice that compose it are milimetered and each brand has its own dimensions) shows a few checkers with "Louis Vuitton trademark".

The quality of this trunk corresponds to the top of the Vuitton range

Materials such as leather and brass are representative of the 1st series, i.e. the high-end of the Louis Vuitton brand in the 1880s.

If we then want to deploy this range, the edges (angles = corner protection) will then be in lozine then in metal. Leather is truly the pinnacle of luxury.




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