Louis Vuitton squarres trunk - complete (dv27) SOLD
SKU: Dv27

Louis Vuitton checkerboard trunk SOLD complete with its chassis to store by floors
• Its jewelry (lock, clasps, corners, nails, etc.) is made of brass and steel.
• This trunk is a customer deposit-sale, we have ensured its restoration

Revêtement extérieur Damier
Hauteur Product Heigth 58CM
Longueur Product Length 90CM
Largeur Product Width 52CM

Louis Vuitton checkerboard trunk complete with its chassis SOLD

Its Date of Manufacture

This Louis Vuitton trunk is located, in terms of manufacturing date, between 1889 and 1900. Indeed, LV started the checkerboard on these trunks in 1888. The label of the trunk was scratched

"London Oxfort Street" is a store where Vuitton was installed until 1889, where he moved to 454 Strand Street. The store will be located in New Bond Street in 1900.

We can therefore locate this trunk in a fairly precise range of years.

The history of checkered canvas at Louis Vuitton

The checkered canvas appeared in 1888 on Vuitton trunks and it was at this time also that Vuitton marked its trunks.

Indeed, we find the passers-by and the marked handles, the canvas also has checkered patterns with a "Louis Vuitton trademark" print. It is the beginning of this differentiation displayed in terms of brand.




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