Louis Vuitton trunk, cabin monogramm R2803
SKU: R2803

Beautiful monogram Louis Vuitton cabin trunk .
• its canvas is stencilled monogrammed .
• Its lock and clasps are made of massiv brass .
• The slats are made of beech .
• The handles are made of metal .
• The initials B.F. represent the initials of the owner of this trunk

Revêtement extérieur Monogramme LV
Hauteur Product Heigth 34CM
Longueur Product Length 90CM
Largeur Product Width 45CM

Beautiful monogram Louis Vuitton cabin trunk

At the time of its conception, the cabin trunk was a trunk intended to be placed under the bed, in the cabin of the liner. Today it is used as a coffee table, to adapt to the desired height in relation to your sofa.

This vintage (used) cabin trunk is typical of its time. Its monogrammed canvas is the emblem of the Louis Vuitton brand.

More particularly, this canvas is monogrammed with stencil, which means that the drawings representing the monogram were created by the craftsman, by hand, at the time, in his workshop.

On a brown coated canvas, and thanks to a stencil, the craftsman will take a brush with hard bristles (principle of the drawing with the stencil) and thus reproduce the monogramm on a small surface. Then, he will shift the stencil and repeat this precision work on the entire canvas of this trunk. It was a very long and above all precision work that was carried out, at the time.







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