Suitcase Louis Vuitton monogram stencil and leather corners
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Louis Vuitton suitcase monogrammed stencil
• The lozine protects the corners
• The corners are made of leather
• Interior and exterior are original
• It is encrypted E.D.

Revêtement extérieur Monogramme LV
Hauteur Product Heigth 22.0000CM
Longueur Product Length 70.0000CM
Largeur Product Width 47.0000CM

This stenciled monogrammed Louis Vuitton suitcase impresses us with the beauty of its monogram

We find the manual work, in each flower or monogram.

It is a fairly rigid cardboard which was pre-drilled, which allowed the paint to be applied with a brush with rigid bristles, and thus reproduce the designs of the emblematic Louis Vuitton brand.

Imagine the hours of work to finalize this suitcase

You can see mini-irregularities and that's what makes the charm of the stencil monogram







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