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Doll trunks

There are different types of doll trunks : the small doll trunks, made to play with a trunk scaled to the doll's size, and larger doll trunks, meant for the doll to be inside the trunk. Some of them look like works of art due to their high quality.

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Discover the story of doll trunks on video

In five minutes, discover all the diversity and charm of doll trunks. Their story and their style, logically, has always followed the evolutions of full sized trunks. You can find tiny flat trunks, small curved trunks, doll wardrobes...

19th century doll trunk


01.01__malle_de_poupe_us.jpg 5.1__malle_de_poupe_avec_sa_toile_dorigine.jpg
Doll trunk from the USA Doll trunk with its original canvas
04.06__malle_de_poupe__commode_en_cuir.jpg 9.2__malle_de_poupe__en_metal.jpg
Leather and brass doll trunk,
With flat top and commode (19th century)
Flat-top doll trunk coated with painted sheet metal



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