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Steamer trunk

Goyard steamer trunk


The steamer trunk is a great classic.
With standard dimensions 100x80x80, it is baggage’s basis.

“Disguised” cabin trunk

malle_goyard__repeinte_en_noir_pour_echapper_aux_allemand143.1.jpgDuring WWII, many families, who were fleeing the occupying forces, had their luxury trunk painted in black (or they painted it themselves), in order to hide the signs of a not very discreet luxe in that particular time.
Thus, this Goyard trunk has its chevron canvas but it has been hided under a black paint layer. The lock alone enables the fine connoisseur to distinguish the high quality of that item.

Car external trunk

malle_automobile_goyard.jpgThe below car external trunk was specially created and designed for a specific car model.




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