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Wardrobe trunks

The wardrobe trunk (often mistakenly called "cabin trunk") was invented in the 1875's, but it is in 1890 that it is really marketed. It can be found with very different layouts. The most conventional one is a configuration with a bentwood banded part and another part with drawers, but some of them have a drop-leaf desk, some of them are laid out as wardrobe only, some others as drawers only.

The most diverse accessories can be added to the trunks. Some of them contain for instance an iron, an ironing board, a shoe box... Trunk makers have a limitless imagination. Thus you can find bookcase wardrobe trunks, desk wardrobe trunks, wardrobe trunks with space for storing kitchen accessories (Goyard)…

➡️Find the wardrobe trunks on La malle en coin.

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Wardrobe trunks on video


Trunk "Au Départ" 100 % original


Swiss wardrobe, entirely restored : outside and inside


goyard__fermer.jpgGoyard wardrobe trunk











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