Goyard Wardrobe 48h Trunk
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Goyard Wardrobe 48h Trunk
• Poplar barrel
• Jewelry (locks, clasps, corners, brackets, etc.) in brass
• Leather handle
• Lozine angles (vulcanized fiber)

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Hauteur Product Heigth 87CM
Longueur Product Length 31CM
Largeur Product Width 52CM

Goyard "48 hours" Wardrobe Suitcase Trunk - The Elegance of Weekend Travel

Discover the ultimate refinement of travel with the Goyard “48 Heures” Wardrobe Trunk. Designed for weekend getaways, this iconic piece from the house of Goyard embodies luxury, functionality and artisanal know-how to perfection.


A Legacy of Excellence:

Crafted with care and precision, this trunk features two classic solid brass locks, keeping your belongings secure in style. Its perfect original condition, accompanied by its original key, testifies to its history and authenticity.


Goyard Chevron Canvas:

The “48 Heures” trunk is covered in the famous Goyard chevron canvas, a symbol of sophistication and prestige. This canvas, recognized throughout the world for its durability and timeless aesthetic, gives the trunk a decidedly elegant look.


Perfect for Relaxing Weekends:

“48 Hours” trunks were once the ideal travel companion for weekend getaways. Whether in Deauville, in the countryside or in the city, they made it possible to elegantly carry shirts, suits and shoes for 48 hours of travel with complete peace of mind.


Famous Personalities of the Time Who Traveled with Trunks:

Audrey Hepburn: Iconic actress Audrey Hepburn, a symbol of grace and style, was an avid weekend getaway. She never left without her Goyard trunk during her travels across Europe, adding a touch of sophistication to each of her destinations.

Ernest Hemingway: Legendary writer Ernest Hemingway, known for his love of adventure and travel, was an avid user of Goyard trunks. Whether for his fishing expeditions or his stays in Parisian cafes, his Goyard trunk was always at his side, containing his precious belongings and his inspiration.

Grace Kelly: The icon of elegance and royalty, Grace Kelly, was a regular on weekend getaways. Always accompanied by her Goyard trunk, she traveled the European roads with grace and sophistication, adding a touch of glamor to each destination.





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