Louis Vuitton antique trunks for sale


la malle en coin offers for sale the single largest and finest collection of vintage and antique Louis Vuitton Trunk , Suitcase  and  vanity  case

On demand :  certificate  of  authenticity  could be  joined  to  the  bill .

Discover our range of Louis Vuitton antique trunks for sale.

Cabin, mail, suitcase, Wardrobe and Vanity box LV canvas stencil , Leather, Plain Canvas, Checkerboard...

Authenticity Guarantee .

Discover their stories, by consulting our encyclopedia , browse the various existing trunks, the biography of the key characters...
Coffee table, piece of bed, storage, book table, support for decorative lamp, investment... You will find your happiness.


Louis Vuitton trunks

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Malle Louis Vuitton a chapeau cuir
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