Louis Vuitton automobile trunk Dark black-green R2897 SOLD
SKU: R2897

Louis Vuitton automobile trunk Dark black-green SOLD
• Solid brass lock, clasps and handles
• Its interior label dates between 1900 and 1908

Revêtement extérieur Uni
Hauteur Product Heigth 25CM
Longueur Product Length 90CM
Largeur Product Width 40CM

Louis Vuitton automobile trunk with its canvas in black - green SOLD

The car trunks were made on demand,

to fit exactly the shape of your car. As there was no car-trunk, this allowed a nice storage space.

We invite you to read our article, on automobile trunks, by clicking above, to discover some examples.

Its label gives us dating information

Indeed, as the stores of Rue Scribe and New Bond Street (1900) appear, but not the one of Nice (1908), we can deduce that it was built during this period. We find, on all the jewelry (lock, clasps, nails, handles) the Louis Vuitton branding, which started in the 1880s.






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