Goyard steamer trunk - SOLD chevron canvas
SKU: R2911

Goyard steamer trunk SOLD
• with its herringbone canvas
• The lock is made of solid brass
• Its interior is remade
• This trunk is 100% original, except for 3 slats below, which have been redone

Hauteur Product Heigth 48CM
Longueur Product Length 100CM
Largeur Product Width 52CM

This Goyard steamer trunk is typical of its brand, with its herringbone canvas


The steamer trunk is a standard format in the history of trunk makers.

The courier was the carrier, who came to pick up the trunks at home, to take them to the holiday resort of the upper middle class family. We take you on a journey through history to read the details of the steamer and cabin trunks. The Goyard brand started in 1853, we will detail its history here






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