Louis Vuitton Lilly Pons leather trunk SOLD ref MTT2017-05
SKU: 2017-05

Louis Vuitton trunk, named Lily Pons SOLD
• It is a wardrobe trunk, for 30 pairs of shoes
• The exterior is in natural leather weathered by time
• Its interior has been redone
• Each drawer has its label and its handle

Hauteur Product Heigth 115.0000CM
Longueur Product Length 64.0000CM
Largeur Product Width 41.0000CM
Revêtement extérieur Cuir

This Louis Vuitton shoe trunk was named after the famous opera singer Lily Pons.

This shoe trunk was designed for Lily Pons. This article will give you all the detailed history.

In 1925, she requested that Louis Vuitton makes a trunk on measure, to fit a number of her pairs of shoes when she would travel.
This trunk became a symbol of elegance, very popular among the parisian fashion and luxury press.
You can fit 30 pairs of shoes in this shoe trunk, unless you have very tiny feet, like Lily Pons did.
She could actually travel with 30 pairs in that trunk. The interior has been carefully refurbished.
The outside covering is made of leather, and the locks and clasps are made of solid brass.

It is a trunk which, today, will delight collectors of shoes, lingerie, jewelry, scarves ... full of accessories tidy in the 30 drawers

Two large drawers for larger items. A chassis is also available, created at the time to bring the pair of shoes, to allow Madame to put on her shoes easily.




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