Louis Vuitton trunk with striped canvas R2697
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Louis Vuitton trunk with striped canvas .
• Its lock is in solid brass .
• Its handles are made of steel, like the rest of the jewelry (clasps, angles ...) .
• The interior has been redone .
• A wooden slat from below has been changed

Revêtement extérieur Toile rayée
Hauteur Product Heigth 52.0000CM
Longueur Product Length 77.0000CM
Largeur Product Width 44.0000CM

Louis Vuitton mail trunk with its beige striped canvas

History of the striped canvas

Did you know that striped canvases were inspired from the verticality of Deauville architecture? Going to take the waters in Deauville was very fashionable and there, the half-timbering is vertical.

The trunk makers of the time were inspired to create the striped canvases in the 1970s.


This trunk was manufactured by the French house Louis Vuitton.

It has steel handles and a beautiful engraved brass lock: "Louis Vuitton - Champs Elysées Paris - New bond Street London".

The canvas has been personalized, with stable bands, that is to say the green and beige diagonal bands on the sides. They were placed on the trunks to represent the colors of the family.

When the trunks arrived at the hotel, the stable bands made it possible to sort the trunks by family and then store them in the corresponding rooms.

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